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Structural Inspections

A Comprehensive Home Inspection Begins with the Structural Components

Structural InspectionsStructure is the critical framework for any building. Structural components of most properties include such elements as frames, beams, foundation, roof, joists, and rafters. If you can visualize these components as the skeletal system of a building, in comparison to a human skeletal system, then you have a better understanding of their importance.

The outside of any skeleton is covered with fully functional muscle and skin. In our metaphorical concept of a propertys' components, you might think of underlying plumbing pipes, electrical wires and insulation to be the musculature. The exterior cladding or siding, as well as the interior walls, ceiling and floor might be imagined to be the “skin” of the building.

As with a human being, when any of these structural components fails, then major problems may exist and compound over time.

The Structural Inspection

An inspector is expected to visually examine all structural components of a building. He examines exterior walls and cladding, interior surfaces, the roof (if possible) and attic space, the basement and foundation walls, and all visible support systems. The key term is “visible.” An inspector is required to inspect those components that are visible to him. But this does not mean that he is not well trained to recognize the clues that may indicate problems in areas where he has no ability to see.

Possible Structural Problems

Remember, an inspector does not have x-ray vision. He cannot see through walls or into concrete. He relies on his senses and visible clues to lead him to decipher the condition of a building's structural components. When he discovers a potential problem, such as a sagging foundation, he may suggest you consult with a structural engineer who would be trained to investigate further.

The inspection report will detail your inspector’s ability to visually observe structural components, along with notes on condition and any repair and replacement recommendations.

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