STRICTLY BUSINESS: More Than Just Inspections

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Our Services

Residential Services: 

We offer a comprehensive suite of residential services -- from energy audits, to home inspections, to mold and radon inspections, to Home Performance contracting for energy efficiency -- to increase your home's value, durability, safety, and energy efficiency. 

Commercial Services

From commercial inspections for potential buyers of commercial or industrial properties, to building performance upgrades to reduce operating costs and improve energy performance, Strictly Business has you covered.

Environmental Services

Many potentially hazardous environmental problems lurk in a sizable portion of our nation's building stock. From mold to poor water quality, from radon to dust and dander, poor indoor air quality and other problems can have serious health and safety impacts on the occupants of buildings, and it's crucial to minimize their risks. Strictly Business offers a full suite of inspection services to minimize indoor environmental problems and maximize health, comfort and safety. 

Energy Services

Worried that your home or building may be consuming more energy than it needs to? Most likely, you are correct. Our comprehensive energy audit and infrared diagnostic testing services will identify the real energy trouble-makers in your building (typically, air leaks in basements, crawlspaces and attics, and insufficient attic and wall insulation), so you can focus on making the most cost-effective improvements.