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Roof Inspections

A Roof Inspection Can Foretell of Costly Repairs and Replacements

Everyone deserves the peace of mind of a safe and reliable roof. But when you are buying or selling a property, chances are you may not be aware of the roof’s condition. A roof is one of the major structural components of a building. It is also one of the most costly to repair or replace. The goal of Strictly Business Home and Commercial Inspections is to arm you with the soundest information relative to your decision to buy or sell a property. What you do not see can hurt you.

Inspecting the Roof

When conditions are favorable and an inspector is neither at physical risk nor in danger of damaging materials, he may choose to climb onto a building’s roof. However, in most states, they are not required to do this. In New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, weather conditions might render a roof hazardous. An inspectors’ report must state however, by what mechanism they were able to visually inspect a roof and what areas of the roof were visible. It’s important that they document very minute details of what has been observed for their own liability purposes. An inspector cannot be held responsible for a roof leak he was not able to visually observe.

Details of a Roof Inspection

An inspector’s final report is often lengthy and the roof is only one aspect. Typical information your inspector may include on your report is the type of roofing material used. By far the most common material is asphalt shingle, but there are other popular roof coverings, as well, including stone, metal, wood and rubber.

When visible, an inspector will detail conditions of chimneys, skylights and other roof structures, noting especially flashing, seams and following clues for any signs of leaks or structural breach. And, of course, there will be the visible inspection of the roofing material itself and the general condition, possibly its age and any repair issues.

Roof Repairs and Replacement

A roof is a critical component of an inspection in that it can be the source of costly repairs and replacements depending upon its condition and materials. Your inspector is not required to estimate repair or replacement costs. He may be able to recommend a reliable roofing contractor who can give you a more comprehensive report on a property's roof along with providing a fair estimate.

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