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Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources


 Strictly Business provides solar electric panels for both residential and commercial properties.  Solar panels produce electricity is a versatile source that can be utilized for lighting and heating buildings.  When mounted on your property, solar panels absorb the sunlight in order to generate the solar electricity.  This can occur even on cloudy days. 

Our team of expert technicians will mount the solar panels on your roof, ground, or pole, after we access the property and the optimal location of the panel.  There are many benefits associated to solar power, including a reliable solution for power when other sources of power are cut, too expensive to install, or unsafe regarding voltage.  Solar panels are also completely self sufficient and don’t generate any damage toward the environment. 


Wind powered electrical systems are a great alternative to fossil fuels.  The conversion of wind energy is an abundant, renewable, and vastly distributed solution that uses little land.  This is a great alternative to other electrical solutions, as it is eco-friendly and financially friendly. 

You might be wondering how this type of system works.  When the wind is present, the wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of wind into clean electricity.  A rotor will capture the spinning wind in the turbine’s blade, and the kinetic energy is captured and converted into rotary motion to drive the generator. 

Strictly Business is happy to come and assess your property, specific energy demands, and help you make the right decision regarding whether the wind powered electricity is an optimal fit for your needs.


Solar hot water (SHW) or solar water heating (SWH) is a renewable energy technology that is a cost effective means of heating your property.  The solar hot water system can be used in any climate and operate on sunshine, a free fuel source.    Solar water heating systems are comprised of storage tanks and solar collectors.  The active solar heating systems possess circulating air pumps and controls, while the passive systems don’t. 

Installing a solar water heater depends on your solar resources, climate, and safety issues.  Thus, Strictly Business is happy to help you assess your property and make an intelligent decision. 


Strictly Business enforces a geothermal heating system that can be applied to both residential and commercial properties.  We can provide heat in this manner by turning waste heat to the task of heating hot water.  With the help of a desuperheater, a portion of your water will be heated in winter months.  In the summer, hot water is free as a result of the thermal process.  Many installations can take place underground, or we can supply installations indoors with units that are generally about the same size as traditional heating units. 

Geothermal systems are reliable, durable, and contain few mechanical components.  They are also quiet, safe, and protected.