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Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

We are licensed to perform Mold Inspections in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Mold can be found almost anywhere growing on virtually anything. Carpeting, paper, wood and foods are favorite mediums for mold growth. It is virtually impossible to prevent all mold growth. Excessive growth can cause health problems and damage or stain materials. Mold removal is important. A mold inspection will seek out visible mold growth (may appear cottony, velvety, granular, or leathery and have varied colors of white, gray, brown, black, yellow, green). Mold often appears as discoloration, staining, or fuzzy growth on the surface of building materials or furnishings. A mold inspector looks for signs of excess moisture or water damage: water leaks, standing water, water stains, condensation problems. Mold remediation can help to reclaim your surroundings from mold and mildew.

Some molds cause disease or food spoilage. Molds are ubiquitous in nature, and mold spores are a common component of household and workplace dust. However, when mold spores are present in large quantities, they can present a health hazard to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems and in some cases death, making mold inspections and removal increasingly important. These health concerns are not to be taken lightly.  However, with early mold inspection, mold mildew removal, in home mold testing, full mold cleanups and mold remediation services, from expert home inspectors, you can cover your bases.  We specialize in mold inspections, indoor air quality assessments and allergen testing for the 5 borough of New York, Mahattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Ialand, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Mold Related Symptoms

  • Causes allergic reactions
  • Triggers asthma attacks
  • Increases susceptibility to colds and flu
  • Causes sinus infections

Regardless of whether you suffer from asthma or allergen-related symptoms, your home demands proper home inspection and mold mildew removal if it’s there.  Strictly Business can offer these full scale home inspection services, allergen testing services and indoor air quality assessments.
We thank you for considering Strictly Business with the safety of your home, and look forward to providing our expert home inspections, and energy efficiency services to you.