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Home Performance Contracting

We are licensed Home Contractors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

What is Home Performance Contracting?

Home PerformanceThe Home Performance concept stems from the idea that homes operate as a system, and that changes made to one component of the building will have repurcussions elsewhere. For example: adding insulation without proper air sealing can lead to trapped moisture in the home's stud bays, which can cause rot, air quality problems, and any number of other long-term building problems. 

The Home Performance process takes a holistic look at each of the building's components, as well as the ways that they work together, to ensure optimal results -- whether your primary concern is health, comfort, or energy savings. When adding insulation, we'll be sure to air seal first. When air sealing, we'll test indoor air quality and ventilation rates to be sure that the improved air seal does not impact indoor air quality.

Home energy upgrades - including insulation, HVAC maintenance, and window and door installation - are far more effective when completed by someone who understands how these components fit into the larger system that the building represents.

Specific Home Performance services we offer include: