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Heating and Cooling Inspections

Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections Report on all Operational Components—Heating and Cooling System

Most modern properties have both a heating and cooling system. Part of a professional inspection is taking inventory of each of these operational components.

Heating System

Heating System InspectionsAn inspector will visually observe the type of heating system a property is using. Most modern systems are generally central heat systems. He will note brand name and type of system—either a furnace or boiler and heat source. A furnace system forces heated air through ducts and a boiler uses pipes to force hot water through the system.

A heating system should be accessible to the property owner or to service personnel, meaning that any main panel covers should come off easily. An inspector will check filter systems if able, otherwise much of the heating system is visually observed. Based on system condition and industry know-how, an inspector may be able to estimate a lifespan for the system, but this is not a requirement.

Duct work is observed for materials and condition. Each room of the property's interior is checked for a heat source. Thermostats are checked for functionality and condition. Also, outside venting systems required to vent fuel gases are located and checked for adequate functionality.

Cooling System

Cooling System InspectionIf a property has a cooling system, it is either central or localized. Localized systems include in-window air conditioning units. An inspector is not required to inspect localized units.

A central cooling system is comprised of a number of essential elements including a condenser, and evaporator and a compressor. An inspector will give these components of the cooling system a complete inspection and will check for coolant leaks. Any defects in the system are noted. Like the heating system, your inspector will note brand and type of unit and may estimate age and expected lifespan.

In some cases, when systems are defective or not properly functioning, an inspector may recommend a qualified HVAC specialist inspect the system further.

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