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Foundation Inspections

Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections Explain the Importance of a Solid Foundation

When it comes to a solid foundation, there is no substitute for a professional inspection.

Foundation Inspection

A property’s foundation is a major structural component—it supports the entire weight of the structure. Without going into heady engineering jargon, the construction of a building involves forces, sometimes opposing. Most concrete foundations and basements will eventually exhibit signs of wear and tear—illustrating these forces at work.

Foundation Cracks

Interestingly enough, there are benign foundation cracks and serious cracks. An experienced inspector will be a walking encyclopedia of foundation cracks and be able to offer various diagnoses depending on the type. While an inspector is not a structural engineer, he might be suspicious enough to engage the expertise of an engineering consultant who will further diagnose and make recommendations.

For property buyers, the foundation aspect of the inspection should be taken very seriously. Foundation repairs often run many thousands of dollars and may involve heavy equipment and engineering consultants.

Wet Basements

In most instances, sellers are required to disclose a “wet” basement. What is “damp” to one person may be downright soaking wet to another. How much water a basement takes on can affect your basic quality of life. Many basements provide extended space for additional bathrooms, laundry facilities, and even workshops. Unfortunately water is the nemesis of electricity, meaning a water-logged basement can render this additional space unusable.

Basement Mold and Mildew

And where there is water and moisture, you can bet there is mold and mildew (link here to info on Mold and Mildew). Mold and mildew not only break down foundation materials—they are a fungus—but they also pose varying degrees of health risks. Mold spores enter the indoor air that you breathe. Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections is trained inmold inspections. They provide detailed, experienced examination of a home’s foundation and basement.

Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections serves New Jersey, the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, and Eastern Pennsylvania. They provide the most comprehensive inspection services in the region, including general home inspection, property inspection, commercial inspection, radon testing, mold inspection and carbon monoxide testing. Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections is licensed or certified with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT), FEMA, Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.