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Exterior Inspections

Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections Conducts a Comprehensive Exterior Property Inspection

Exterior Home InspectionsThe exterior of a property’s structure is a vital part of any comprehensive inspection. The typical elements covered by the exterior analysis include a selection of windows and major doors; exterior cladding of a building, or the siding; attached buildings, such as garages and storage; driveways, concrete walkways, sidewalks; and the general grade of the property, as well as a general observation of landscape materials as they relate to property drainage.

In many instances such auxiliary property features like pools, spas, and hot tubs are not covered in a general property inspection. However, Strictly Business Home and Commercial Inspections includes these items in their complete inspection package. This makes them one of the most comprehensive inspection companies in the New Jersey, Metropolitan New York and Eastern Pennsylvania region.

Siding Materials and Condition

Siding Materials & ConditionsWhen you are able to visualize a property's siding, or cladding, as compared to the skin of a human being, then you get the idea of how important its function is to the structural integrity of a building. The siding of a property can be comprised of a combination of materials. The most common are wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick or stone.

A professional inspector will note the materials used in the siding, as well as make visual observations on condition of the material. Like the roof material, there are many factors that contribute to deterioration, some of them environmental and others are a lack of proper home maintenance. When possible, an inspector will take notes and photographs of areas where materials may be deteriorated, where leaks may exist, and where damaging insects and pests have left clues to their presence.

All trim around doors and windows is observed, along with the presence of excess moisture and mold that might indicate leaks.

Windows and Doors

A property might have many windows, so a complete inspection of each is not required. However, an inspector will inspect a selection of windows. This means opening, closing, checking locks, and glass seals. Also any observations he makes could include rotting and deterioration of trim and frame around windows and doors, as well as the presence of moisture and condensation.

Exterior door inspectionsExterior doors will be inspected for operation and frame integrity. Automatic garage doors will be tested for safety. In most cases this means a door’s closing mechanism must automatically reverse itself when an obstruction is in its pathway.

Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections serves New Jersey, the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, and Eastern Pennsylvania. They provide the most comprehensive inspection services in the region, including general home inspection, property inspection, commercial inspection, radon testing, mold inspection and carbon monoxide testing. Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections is licensed or certified with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT), FEMA, Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.