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Energy Audits

Infrared Imagery

We are licensed to perform Energy Audits in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Maintaining a safe and energy efficient home is critical to your property and financial situation.  If you are unaware that your property is suffering energy loss over time, you might run the risk of challenging repair on top of a financial hardship.  That is why energy audits are beneficial to both you and your property for the long haul.

At Strictly Business, we are experts at performing Home Energy Audits.  All of our audits are set to the official standards of the Building Performance Institute, a national certifying organization that trains and certifies Home Energy Auditors. This audit scans your entire house, from basement or crawlspace to attic and roof, with a thermal imaging device.  We can pinpoint all the areas where you have heat and energy loss.

We’ll show you the results of this scan in the form of a thorough report. It identifies all the areas where there are air leaks that cost you money.

Under “ideal circumstances,” you would want to seal up all of the air leaks.  This would save the maximum amount of money on your utility bills, but sometimes that’s not practical.

Blower Door Test Home Energy Audit

Don't wait any longer, schedule an energy audit with Strictly Business Energy that will help get you on the road to energy efficiency and making your home more comfortable than ever. We do a detailed and extensive analysis of your house, utilizing practices such as blower door tests and infrared imaging. These tests allow us to see where the energy in your home is going, and show you how you can improve your home's energy efficiency. 

Safety is also extremely important to us, so with every audit we check your heating systems for monoxide poisoning danger, and your attic for drafts. Energy audits aren't only about making sure your home is comfortable and affordable – the safety of the people living in your home is just as important, if not more.

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