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Electrical Inspections

The Electrical System is an Important Component of a Comprehensive Home Inspection

Electrical InspectionThe electrical system in a property is just one of the major operational components inspected by Strictly Business Home & Commercial Inspections. However, because of the medium involved, it is one of the most important. An electrical system that fails to operate properly or safely is a potential fire and health danger. Many property owners are under the impression that a professional inspector is required to report on electrical systems that do not meet “Code” requirements. This is not the case.

Your inspector is required to be knowledgeable on electrical source, circuitry, and general voltage and amp requirements. He is not a licensed electrician and is not required to probe electrical systems. An inspector conducts a visual inspection of existing electrical systems, including the main circuit panel, outdoor wire attachments and location of meters, as well as a general observation of circuit wiring.

Exterior Electrical Features

An electrical source is either overhead or underground. An overhead series of electrical wires meets the property at one of a variety of attachments. While this might seem inconsequential, an inspector is educated in proper exterior features. Part of his report will reflect location of electrical meter, as well as a visual observation of its condition.

Interior Electrical Features

Where the electrical source enters the property is typically in the vicinity of the main circuit panel. Also nearby should be a main system disconnect. The main panel should open and be accessible. When it is possible an inspector will locate the system ground wire. Sometimes this is not possible and the final inspection report will clarify any such anomalies.

As already discussed in Interior Inspections, part of the interior structural inspection includes locating outlets and key fixtures. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, GFCIs, should be located near any water outlets or faucets. An inspector tests these for proper safety function. These devices should shut off electrical current as soon as moisture is detected in the circuit.

Regarding major appliances and fixtures, an inspector will be able to report instances where wiring and electrical supply are inadequate for the property's demands.

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