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About Infrared Cameras

Infrared Camera Home Energy AuditFor all our Energy Audit Inspections, we use a state of the art thermal image infrared camera.

What's so great about these infrared cameras?

Instead of detecting light as normal cameras do, infrared cameras form their images by using the heat spectrum and the thermal energy emitted by objects or people. Images on the video or film record the temperature variations, ranging from white for warm regions to black for cooler areas.

This means that the camera can literally see through walls! Instead of tearing down or cutting a hole in your wall, the infrared camera can help the auditor determine whether insulation is needed just by pointing the camera at the wall.

In addition, the camera can also find "leaks" in your home. By using the camera to check around doors and windows, you will actually be able to visually "see" where hot or cold air is getting in your house. This enables you to take action and fix the leaky areas.

Our Energy Audit with the infrared camera will take your home energy savings and efficiency to the next level by identifying areas that a normal inspector would never see.